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2020 turnover

years of existence

leading brands

2 910

A family patrimony, strengthened and modernized

1946 Creation of SARL Brunel Frères by Guy and Roger Brunel
Creation of the brand Starwax
1965 Creation of the brand Kapo
2005 Acquisition of the Sinto company (founded in 1947)
2010 Creation of Altaïr Group
2014 New production facility in Noyelles-lés-Seclin (North of France)
2017 Acquisition of the Químicas Oro company (founded in 1955)

Since 2016, Motion Equity Partners is the majority shareholder of the Altaïr Group and supports the management team in its new phase of development.

Our growth developed internationally

Thanks to our subsidiaries and our network of strategic partners, we are continuing to expand abroad in over 30 countries (in Europe, Russia, French Overseas Territories, Latin america, Africa…).

Our brands

With our 4 leading brands, we have proven our expertise: a full range of high quality products, effective and safe, valued by a demanding clientele and partners.


Innovation at the heart of our brands for a responsible expertise.

Leader in France and Europe, we contribute to market growth by anticipating consumer needs. We invest every year in an ambitious program of innovation and renovation of our formulations thanks to our Marketing and Research & Development teams.

Our challenge is to constantly offer specific solutions with effectiveness guarantees.

Our formulae are developed, tested and approved in compliance with the regulations. We therefore guarantee our users quality, efficiency and safety when using our products.

Efficiency ♦ Safety ♦ Pleasure ♦ Convenient

for the cleaning, the renovation and the protection of the home
Detartrant surpuissant Starwax

A full range of specific products for the cleaning, the care and the protection of each area of the home.

Innovation formulations, recognized for their high technology and their efficiency by consumers who are satisfied and remain loyal to the brand.

1 500 active SKUs

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Detergente Oro

A brand accessible to everybody to respond to problems we all face daily: insecticides, laundry, cleaning products, air fresheners.

500 active SKUs

Visit Oro website
Rebouche gros trous et fissures Sinto

Precise and resistant repair jobs thanks to formulations perfectly adapted to the material: wood, iron, stone, marine surfaces, paints.

800 active SKUs

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Pulvérisateur tous insectes Kapo

For each problem encountered, an adapted solution to combat insects in your home.

Our strength: to ensure responsible and reasoned efficiency with 3 different product ranges: Green, Expert and Choc.

110 active SKUs

Visit Kapo website

Our commitment

Expertise, Quality, Respect of legal obligations as well as Societal and Environmental Responsibility are at the earth of our values :

To ensure the safety of our employees and our facilities

♦ We benefit of state-of-the-art equipment to protect our facilities against any risk of intrusion or fire.
♦ We train all of our employees and external visitors so they are able to manage risks and intervene safely on the site.

Our security system makes us completely autonomous if a fire starts. It is self-activating and the emergency services are notified simultaneously.

To offer products that comply the legal obligations

♦ Choose the best chemical or natural molecules for high efficiency.
♦ Ensure correct dosage of the products adapted to their usage.
♦ Adapt our activity according to evolutions in legislation.

We are systematically replacing CMRs out of respect for our consumers and our collaborators.

Accompany our teams during their career

Promote internal promotions, encourage training, responsabilize and get teams involved in our corporate project.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away !” Every morning, baskets of seasonal fresh fruits are available for our employees.

To make a lasting commitment for the protection of the environment

To ensure permanent control in order to minimize our impacts on the air, soil, water to sort all of our waste and value it. Groundwater entering our site is less polluted when it comes out.


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